Logs To Lumber
Contact: Rowe
Email: dalerowe@yahoo.com
(318) 442-0750
1099 Hwy 457 Lecompte. LA  71346

SAWYER  ---  can mill 36" x 17' -- will cut cherry, walnut,
cedar, cypress -- travel from Louisiana to Canada --

Selling building full of air dried lumber, all species -- 7500 bdft --
huge discount for buyer of entire lot.  

Hopewell Sawmill

Joe Ross

email address: hopewellp@hotmail.com


po. box 21

I will saw your wood or mine at your location or mine. All logs hard or soft wood to your specs. Also I can dry your wood. I can saw up to a 31" log 21 ft. long.

Cut & Dry Sawmill and Hardwoods

Contact: Tim Radcliffe

Email: Cutdrysawmill@gmail.com
Phone: (318) 734-9654
Address: 2645 Charis Rd
Web Site: cutanddrysawmill.com

Woodmizer Lt 35 2012 model


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